Sree Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi born on 16 March 1263 night .lived 723 years in various physical bodies almost 17 bodies. His first and orginal body ,Yogi was born to brahmin parents in one of the most famous house named Akavoor Mana . Thiruvairanikulam. Near Kalady 1263 AD March Meena month .Yogi birth star was Pooruttathy. 

Name :  Brahmananda  Sree Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi Paramahasar

Date Of birth :  16 March 2016 Night

Life Span In Physical Body:723 Year Through Change Physical Body around 17 times

Life after leaving Physical body : Immortal living through Spiritual Body.

Samadhy Place of Orginal first Body : Oachira (Ochira) temple  First Althara

Birth Star :  Meenam month Pooruttathy (Poorvabhadra)

Father Name:  Eravi Narayanan Nampoothiri

Mother name : Gouri Atharjanam ,famous Azhvancherry Mana

for more info please Visit http://www.sivaprabhakarasiddhayogi.org


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