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Unveiling truth about the real Yogi who lived in Our Life period The truth comes to us through the Revelations of Mr. Janardhanan Nair, who was very close to the Yogi and shared a strong bondage with him for 35 years. Yogi Lived in his house the last 30 years, till the day the Yogi attained his Samadhi.


AN interview by ANIL

On the 26th of November 2005, Anil went to the house of Janarthanan Nair (ashrama of Yogi) to be told by his daughter that HE was near the Samadhi of the Guru. Anil walked up to the Samadhi and found Mr. Nair preparing for the morning pooja. In the meanwhile Anil took photographs of the Samadhi, near Pulipara Mara and then proceeded with the interview:


ANIL: When was the first time that you met Yogi ji?

J. Nair: 1960! Yes, it was 1960 when I saw Yogi ji for the first time. In the town of Pathanamthitta, near a shop, when the shopkeeper pointed out to me that Swamiji (Prabhakara Sidha yogi) is more than a hundred years old. Enthusiastically, I glanced over to where Swamiji was standing and found a person who looked not a day over 50 years.

I came back home and told about the Swamiji to my brother-in-law (Kottor Madhavan Pilla) and that he was a kalatheethan [a man who passes the restriction of ageing).

My brother in law said he knew about this swamiji but he wanted to see him.

From that day, I took upon finding the Swamiji and finally one day I spotted him near the dwelling of the owner of Anurag theatre, who was well known in the vicinity. I requested Swamiji to please bless my house by walking into it. To my delight and good stars, swamiji accepted my invitation and came to my home. From that day, he became a regular visitor and then decided to start living with me.

From that day to his samadhi, he lived each single day in my home with occasional travels

One day Swamiji told me that I needed to build an ashrama for him. I told him, Swamiji you know I am a poor school teacher and I don?t have enough funds to build an ashrama.

At that time I was only getting Rs 400 as salary and it was difficult for me to even run the household in that amount. At that time I was living in my ancestral home that was below the Puliparan Mala.

But with Swamiji?s blessing soon a home loan was sanctioned in my name and I was able to get some land at the top of Pullipara Rock as Swamiji had wished. We finally managed to build a small ashrama on the top of the hill.

You know there is a history of Pullipara Rock and why swamiji insisted that his ashrama be on the top of it.

As various books related to Lord Ayyppa say, Puli Nayaka Swamiyar, was the chief advisor of Lord Ayyppa. And our Swamiji is the rebirth of Puli Nayaka Swamiyar, who in his last birth stayed in Pulippara Mala. Lord Ayyapa used to visit Pulippara Mala and stay with Swamiyar. Similarly, when Swamiyar visited Panthalam Palace, the abode of Lord Ayyapa, he used to stay there. In those times all this area uptill Sabari Mala was a thick forest.

When Lord Ayyappa decided to move back to the heavenly abode, Puli Nayaka Swamiyar also dissolved in Kailasam with HIM. But as the Shastras (Divine Doctrines) say , any body born on earth will have to attain death on the earth itself (or attain samadhi in the case of sanyasi). So Swamiyar was reborn on our earth as Prabhakara Yogi in AD 1263 as Prabhakara Sidha Yogi in Akavoor Mana in Chowara near Kaladi.

It is then Swamiji revealed to me that He would attain Samadhi in this place that is why He had chosen this place for the new ashrama and to live with me.

ANIL: Is there any Relation with Sri Satya Sai Baba?

J. Nair: There is some strong relation with Sai Baba too, but I don?t know what exactly. That relation was a mysterious one, just like his own life. But I can tell you of one incident. When Sai Baba?s fame spread throughout Kerela, I was also lured into paying him a visit. But Swamiji stopped me by saying that I don?t need to meet him. I compelled but he did not concede.

After months of this discussion, I happened to travel to Madras with my School Manager for some official purpose. After our official duties were over, my school manager said that he wished to visit the Tirupati temple. So we went there. Someone told us that Puttavarti (Sai Baba?s Ashrama) was near Tirupati. My school manager made up his mind to visit there. I was not very eager to go as I did not have Swamiji?s permission yet I tugged along hesitantly.

We decided to go by train but for the first time in many years the train was cancelled due to some engine fault. We decided to take the bus but as soon as the bus started, it?s engine burst into a huge fire. It was then I told him that I am not going without my Guru?s permission and came back to the Ashrama.

When I came back, Swamiji asked me, ?Did you see him (Sai Baba)? Did you go there?? I was surprised how he could tell of our attempts. I honestly told him the whole story.

Time carried on with its own pace. I decided to go to Bangalore for a B.ed. admission. Swamiji said to me, ?Sai baba is in Whitefield, 12 km from Bangalore. Now, go and meet him.?

With my official obligations over, I decided to go to Whitefield. A huge crowd had gathered to see Sai Baba. I made no attempt to move forward in the huge crowd and see Sai Baba from closely. Suddenly Sai Baba walked through the crowd and came very near to where I was. He spotted me and came to me, placed his hand on my head in the form of blessing and said in Tamil, ?You come here because He told you to do so. Did you get permission from Him??. I replied affirmatively. Then Sai Baba said, ?HE and Myself are all One, HE is myself (Njan Than Avan), myself is Him only (Avan Than Njan). He knows everything.?

I was thrilled by that knowledge and thought how I knew the two greatest Yogis and had their blessings also.

Apart from this I do not know what is the mysterious relation between the two.

ANIL: Did any other great Swami also visited Prabhakara Yogi in this Asram?

J. Nair: Yes, Swami Vishnu-Devananda, Founder of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers also visited to pay his homage to the Yogi. Swami Vishnu-devananda, was a world authority on Hatha and Raja Yoga. He was also known as the "Flying Swami" for the different peace missions he had accomplished all around the world. One can get more information on the website:


Flying swami came here to get advice from Yogiji during a Pilgrimage to Sabari mala. In 1986 Yogiji told to ?Flying Swami? that it was the time Go from this world.

Flying Swami asked, ?For you or me??

Yogiji said, ?For both. I will go first and then shall you.?

Yogiji took Samadhi after 4 months of this meeting. After few years ?Flying Swami? also left His Body.

He had contacts with RAMANA MAHARSHI, Gandhiji etc., even Guru of Nithyanada Swami of Kanjagadu was disciple of Yogiji. Swamiji had blessed singer M G Sreekumar.

In his younger days, Matrubhumi reported that Police had mistakenly arrested Swamiji in 1949. Sir C.P Ramasami Iyer ( prime minister of Southern part of kerala ) came to his rescue because he was aware of the Yogic Powers of Swamiji.

Swamiji was the main inspiration behind Vikkam Muhammadu Bashir to enter in Literary field, he kindly remembers that in his autobiography. So as Thakazhi . .

ANIL: Was there any major Siddhi (Extraordinary talent) He Showed to You?

J. Nair: walking in air, covering Distance within no time,

Appearing at two different places at the Same time, do padmasana in Air, Floating in Air, Bathing in Boiling Water, Talking to a deadly Snake, Staying with me with out any food for months in a row.

Once SWAMIJI visited house of Famous person in Erumaly named Cherappadu YOGINI AMMA. She prepared paysam for swamiji and wished her daughter was also here as she loved payasam. But unfortunately she was in hundred kilometres away in Bombay. Swamiji said that I shall give this payasam to her daughter today itself.

Yogini Amma gave him a jar of payasam and an assistant to guide Him to her daughter?s house. Both Swamiji and the assistant walked upto the top of a hill nearby. Swamiji asked the assistant to hold his stick so that both of them could walk through the sky. In a matter of no time they reached Bombay, and Swamiji stayed with the daughter for one week before he returned back to the ashrama.

ANIL: Do you have any conformation that Swamiji Lived more than 723 years?

J. Nair: I am sure he lived more than 150 years as one person named Unni, who is now 90 told me that Prabhakara Yogi was living in this Village in his younger days when Unni was only 7 years Old and that time also Yogiji looked similar as he does now. So don?t play with Yogis as Your Kalikootukaran (Play mate).

Main Conformation about his age is given by the current generation of people living in AKAVANNOR MANA CHOWARA near Thiruviranikkulam Temple. Swamiji visited Akavanoor Mana in his last days. HE told me than that he was born and brought up in this place 700 years ago. People did not believe this claim of Swamiji. He told them that there is a THAKID (mystically written Copper or golden plate) at the inner top UTHARAM (wooden frame of the roof) of this MANA. In that Thakid, my Name is written as the 10th child of the 12 siblings along with the names of my brothers and sisters. The family members of that MANA searched for that Thakid on the top of the roof and they found this Thakid there on which were also written the Kolla Varsha (Malayalam year) 438 (AD 1263) along with what Swamiji had said. Thus, Swamiji proved before the MANA members that swamiji was occupant of that place many many years ago. Swamiji also mentioned that his time on earth will be complete the day that MANA is demolished. And it proved to be true when in the year 1986 that MANA was demolished for a new concrete building, swamiji took his samadhi.

ANL: If Yogiji was in real such a Great Person why could not people identify his greatness in his Life time?

J. Nair: Swamiji had a high secrecy level, as is common with all great spiritual people. He never allowed people to identify his greatness, infact, at various occasions he used to give a false impression. Only people with high Yogic powers could see his real personality . If HE was recognised by the masses then the rhythm and purpose of their being is disturbed because Swamiji need to travelled a lot in his last days and mingled with the people he like. Wide propulary may disturbeb his rethem.

Once some reporters from Kottayam came to interview Swamiji who requested them not to write about him, his existence should become public news for that would disturb him. Yogiji did not treat them well, they misunderstood his requests and wrote a negative article about Him.

Regarding I can add a small incident about this character of Swamiji.

Regarding this trait of Swamiji I can add a small incident. Swamiji used to visit one person Sankarapilla in Aratuppuzha near Chenganoor, about 20 km from here. Sankarapilla used to live on the other side of the Pampa river, so Swamiji after reaching Arattupuzha junction used to cross the river by vallam (boat). On one such occasion when he reached the junction, people told him that the river is flooded so he cannot cross it. Swamiji walked up to the banks of the river and took a banana leaf (Vazha Yilla) and put it in the water. Then he climbed on to the leaf, which acted like a floating boat and reached the other side of the river. Many people saw this incident so he became very popular with people in that area. Every time he went there people would identify him and a large crowd would gather. This was highly disliked by the Swamiji. After a few months I was going to my home in Chengannoor for which I had to cross Arattupuzha junction. On reaching there I saw a small crowd gathered around a MAD man there. When I tried hard to look at the reason of the commotion I saw that the person in middle of the crowd was Swamiji.. Before I could decide something, my bus moved forward but I got down at the next station and walked back to the scene. I went to the nearest shop and asked what had happened. The shopkeeper said that this person was a real yogi, and I have seen with my bare eyes that he could cross the river on a banana leaf. Now his powers have finished so he has gone mad. I started walked towards the crowd when a beggar collided with me. He said, ?Don?t believe him, he is pretending. Years ago I had done bad to him and I became a beggar, he is a real yogi.?

I pushed myself through the crowd, Swamiji saw and came to me and said, ?Go back home, I will come back in two days time.?

I knew Swamiji was feigning madness to get away from the public attention.

He returned home as said unhurt.

ANIL: Do you still receive blessings from Him even after

9 years of his samadhi? If yes, can you tell us in what form?

J. Nair: Yes, I do. No People can roam about in area of his samadhi because of Bushes and uneven terrine . I was thinking of developing that area and putting two rooms near his samadhi, one as a rest room for his devotees and other as a meditation hall. But I was helpless, nobody was there to help me.. But one day, a car of a high official of Tamil Nadu (KSRTC) came with some messengers.

They told they have come here for their Chairman Karpoora Pandyan I A S , because he is devotee of PALANI SWAMI who has strong relation with Prabhakara Swami . Palani swami asked Karpoora Pandya I A S to Do some favaour for Samadhi Sthal of Yogiji.That is why His associate came here . After that Karpoora Pandya Himself came here and Offered Same help that I wanted . Now construction These two rooms in final Stage. I know with blessing of my Guru Only this happened.


ANIL: Had Swamiji any role in controlling the prakriti (environments)?

J. Nair: Swamiji had the power to stop the rain. One day we were in the middle of preparation of Swamiji?s birthday when suddenly a thunderstorm came with heavy rains all over the place. We thought the rains would spoil the whole celebrations so we prayed to Him, he said ?There will be no rains in Pulippara Mala, you carry on with the festivities.?

So it happened, not a single drop of water fell in Pulippara Mala but there were heavy rains in all surrounding areas.

I have seen with my own eyes that when Swamiji walked in rains, he came back dry no droplet could wet him. I have seen him talking to deadly snakes.

Anil: Did swamiji say anything about his next birth or incarnation?

J. Nair: Swami ji said he will be known as a female, maybe in his next birth he will come as a female yogi.

Anil: Did anything special happen to Swamiji?s body after Samadhi?

J. Nair: Total Length of the body shortened considerably. He was in the padmasana when he left us. It was only 2 feet.